Report Misconduct

Inappropriate Conduct reporting system within ROMCOLOR 2000

The company ROMCOLOR 2000 SA has set up a system for reporting improper conduct in accordance with directive (EU) 2019/1937. The system allows the reporting of irregularities, anonymously, regarding possible violations of legal regulations or internal directives. The misconduct reporting system can be used by all ROMCOLOR 2000 employees, as well as by clients or collaborators.

Reports of registered irregularities remain anonymous and can only be accessed by authorized persons.


Contact details for reporting misconduct

These misconduct reports help ensure transparency about how a company operates. The irregularity reporting system represents an additional communication channel that offers the possibility of maintaining anonymity, thus ensuring the legal protection of the informer. Warnings regarding suspected violations of the law, commercial offenses and serious violations of compliance can be registered at

Use of the misconduct reporting system is voluntary.

The recording and processing of misconduct reports are carried out exclusively by experienced and qualified personnel.