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Quality assurance

In ROMCOLOR 2000 SA we know that quality assurance is an effort that must be made by all, in all their activities. Quality assurance is an ongoing process that involves:

  • identifying customer needs;
  • creating, developing and delivering products and services to meet these needs;
  • customer’s feedback;
  • review of customer’s feedback and corrective actions plans in order to improve the performances of company’s products and services.

ROMCOLOR 2000 SA implemented the quality assurance system ISO 9001 and so clients know that, together with our products and services, they receive quality, efficiency and integrity. Product quality is maintained through all company’s processes for product’s realization.

Quality management systems in ROMCOLOR 2000 SA site include, among others:

  • new product development procedure, assuring that the client specifications and requirements are met.
  • procedure for selection and assessment of raw materials
  • optimised production planning techniques, minimising the product delivery time.
  • standardized production processes based on optimum parameters
  • strict quality control methods and product specifications
  • preventive maintenance plans and availability indicators monitoring for each production line.
  • internal audits, corrective and preventive actions
  • key performance indicators for each process