Romcolor - Colors for your success


The mission of ROMCOLOR 2000 SA is the production and supplying of high qualitative and competitive products, according to the Romanian and European legislation and the customers' requests under the existing contracts.

Striving for competitive pricing strategies, consolidating effective relationships with clients and serving them efficiently, it allowed ROMCOLOR 2000 SA to become a strong and reliable partner for all plastics manufacturers.

The basic principles for achieving our goals are:

  • respect for the environment;
  • trust in innovation and quality;
  • respect for customers and employees;
  • respect for the value and effort of the company employees.

ROMCOLOR 2000 is distinguished by:

  • differentiation by product – quality, reliability, responsibility;
  • differentiation through service – ordering ease, flexibility in delivery, technical assistance;
  • differentiation by staff - competence, courtesy, credibility and trust, speed in response, communication;
  • differentiation through the distribution network – warehouses in Romania, distributors and agents in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe;
  • differentiation through image - credibility of GLOBAL COLORS GROUP, events, ROMBEST brand reputation.